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Cattery name

The name of the cattery is the Swedish name for dryas octopetala also called mountain avens, white dryas or white dryad. It’s an arctic-alpine plant of the rose-family.

I choose that name for my cattery since many aspects of the flower reminds me of the birman and my relation to my birmans. But I also wanted a swedish name that meant something.

About me and my cattery

My name is Monika Henriksson and me and my cats live in the northern region of Sweden. I'm born 1981 and works as a teacher in arts and Swedish. I'm educated to teach older teens, 15-18 year old. But at the the moment i work with teens between 12-15 years of age.

I’m member of a cat club affiliated to SVERAK that in turn is joined to FIFe (Fèdération Internationale Feline). I’m also a member of The Midnight Sun Society for the Sacred Birman Cat, or “Birmasällskapet” as it called in Swedish.

I got my first birman in late June 2003. My Seal Tabby Point Mimsa, called Flara. She was everything I expected – and much more. No words can even begin to describe the beauty of my fairy-queen. She even has her own crown placed on her fore-head. And since then I lost my heart to the Sacred Birman.

My cats are the most precious thing I have in my life. They are greatly appreciated members of the family. I attend probably about 1 -3 shows a year with my cats if the circumstances allows it. But first and foremost the cats are family members and are treated as such. The breeding and showing are just a bonus. It's always the cats’ well-being and status as a family member that are my priority.


My first birman moved in June 27th 2003

My cattery name registred in SVERAK and FIFÉ in August 2005

The catterys first litter was borned August 18th 2005. My second birman and female came from that litter 

My first male and third birman moved in December 15th 2005

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