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The "kids"

Presentation of my cats

All my cats are Family to me. They are very much the heart and soul of my home. They are the light of my life and I probably spoil them to much. They live underfoot, overhead and everywhere. No place is ever cat-free and certainly not without cat hair. 


All my cats’ pedigrees, including kittens from my breeding, are listed in PawPeds database, A database with pedigrees of many Sacred Birman cats

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S*Fjällsippans Odette
S*Fjällsippans Lovis

S*Fjällsippans Ljúfur

In loving memory of
S*Heartbeat's Elliot

Cattery health & testing

The cattery's own cats are tested for blood type. Since it now is possible to test if an A-blood cat carries blood group B recessive I am going to start using that test. I also test my cats against the viruses FeLV and FIV. I will also start to test my cats against HCM and RCM.

Comment about inbreeding

I choose to always show the generation when inbreedinprocent first accure and then as a reference also show how much procent that is in the 9th generation

S*Heartbeat's Elliot "Arnljot" - Lilac Tabby Pointed male

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