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Welcome to S*Fjällsippans

It's a small breeding of Sacred Birman in the northern region of Sweden. My English isn’t all that great but I have tried to put together a little presentation for those visitors that can’t master Swedish.

My name is Monika and I have a special love for Tabby Pointed birmans. There isn’t any doubt in my mind that the Tabby Pointed Sacred Birmans are the royals of the breed. My Flara even had her own little crown on her fore-head.

I believe in being open about my breeding, both in happiness and in sorrows. I see the ethics as a very important part of breeding. I also see my breeding only as a bonus to sharing my life with these wonderous creatures. A bonus I certainly don’t take for granted

"SBI what?"

Find the colour codes to be confusing? It can be tricky to get the hang of another Cat associations colour codes so I have made a small "cheat-sheet".

So far I only have FIFe and GCCF  - but I hope it will be of some help for confused visitors

Link to colour chart and "cheat-sheet"  >>

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